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Tours to Cultures

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It feels like each passing year ups the stress ante. No sooner had the pandemic begun to fade away, than 2022 threw oil onto the fires of anxiety. And finding a happy place is getting harder – traveling, a time-tested way to recharge, is barely an option. As we look for ways to cope, Yandex Travel decided to bring traveling to you, inspiring people with new places in the country. But don’t worry if you can’t get away right now – that’s what we have virtual trips for. Welcome to Tours to Cultures. There are three parts to the project: A site with the soothing traditions of 15 different nationalities living in Russia. A pajama collection decorated with folk designs found in museums and made in collaboration with local clothing brands. A playlist with lullabies found in cultural centers and sung by folk artists and linguistic and cultural natives accompanied by folk instruments, local nature, and ambient music. Those channels were selected to introduce users to the different cultures without ever leaving their home. With that in mind, we worked with professional travel editors to compile the detailed information on the site, and the lullabies were chosen particularly for the way the rhythms and lyrics honed over generations bring subconscious peace. A million users visited the site over the first month. Total listening time for the lullabies exceeded 300 days, with the average time per user spent listening to the playlist climbing past eight minutes. That shows how much people need to relax right now and the gold we struck with our channels.