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Project Baby

Advertised product

HR brand Serviceplan Russia


Project baby Maternity leave is not a vacation Insight: Recent research shows that mothers are less likely to pass job interviews. Employers treat them as workers who lost experience and skills. But in reality moms show improvements in such important areas as multi-tasking, soft skills and time management after their leave. Idea: A baby is a project - let’s showcase it like one! Execution: We filmed a case study about a secret new project - as if it was an innovative service for improving soft skills. But the surprising reveal showed that it’s actually a baby that upgrades you so effectively. The case launched a PR campaign by Serviceplan Russia aiming to change the perception about mothers and help them get jobs more easily. Serviceplan Russia built a hub with experts’ advice, open positions and discounts on professional courses to bring back mums’ confidence and help them get a new job in any industry they want. Results: >67 million impressions Despite the fact that the most popular social media were blocked in Russia. >300 CVs in the first few days Free support from Russia’s biggest headhunting platform, top women’s forums and leading online learning platform.