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In Russia, women who want to be bright and express their sexuality often face condemnation. As a result, they often choose a safer way of self-expression, denying themselves the manifestation of sexuality. Vivienne Sabó, a brand which destroys gender stereotypes, decided to defend the right of women to brightness and display of sexuality without shame for it. Femme Fatale lipstick is created just for those who want to be bold and bright. 16 bright saturated shades help every woman to reveal the "femme fatale" in herself. We were inspired by the 60s sexual revolution and the cult film "Barbarella", where the main character became an icon of feminism. But instead of a classic beauty video, we created almost 3-minute trailer for a non-existent retro-futuristic film. The main character Pomadella fights traditional society for the right of women to express their sexuality. Bright, bold lipstick Femme Fatale is her main weapon. Pomadella stands for freedom of expression and encourages women to be bright. She's changing everything, setting up a real revolution. The roles were performed by Russian celebrities known for the courage to be themselves and not be shy for it - Varvara Shmykova, Alexander Gudkov, Yulia Akhmedova.