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Voiz (Snack)


"In Thailand, the snack market is very cutthroat with a variety of innovative and me-too products, and competitors seeking to steal market share from one another. Consumers are also low loyalty, easily switching from one product to another if they find more excitement. While most brands promote the sharable moment, Voiz differentiates itself as the “too good to share” snack. Having proven its effectiveness in the last campaign, it made sense to continue by leveraging the impact of Voiz’s Creative platform, “Fun Execution with a Twist”, and tie-in Voiz Waffle Choco’s product quality of crunchiness and tastiness with the storyline with a level-up of surprise that creates awareness and engagement. At an art studio where the protagonists are teenagers, Ally (the teenage girl) is about to eat Voiz while a boy begins a conversation with a confession of love. However, Ally does not believe him. To catch a lie, she asks if he could show his eyes. Suddenly, both his eyes pop out. The eyes represent two boys who tell the truth by paying attention only to take Voiz from her. She cannot share Voiz Waffle Choco Crispies because of the deliciousness and craving richness of 70% chocolate. The boy continues lying that both eyeballs aren’t his and Ally proves him wrong. Voiz is too good to share. Result - Outstanding view rate, reaching up to 2.2M views within 8 days across all online platforms - Gain high engagement among consumers on Voiz Thailand Facebook with 109 shares & 56 comments."