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The Man Who Threw Away Golden Rice

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China is the world's number one country in terms of total food waste.Around 135 million tons of food is wasted every year, which accounts for one-third of the world's total waste. Meanwhile, one in nine of world’s population are facing starvation……Oct. 16, 2021 is World Food Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of food waste. We invited a Chinese artist to make 1000 grains of rice using 500 grams of pure gold. Each grain’s shape and size are identical to real rice. He then proceeded to throw the golden rice across all corners of Shanghai, such as the Huangpu River, trash cans, sewers and subways. While doing this, he made the claim “We don’t waste food, only gold!”This outlandish act triggered heated debates in China, made headlines and became a trending topic. As a result, the Chinese paid more attention to “food waste” and “World Food Day” than ever before. Some people rushed to recover the gold, while others criticized this as an attempt to “stop food waste with greater waste”However, more people started to reconsider the value of food and realized that rice may be more valuable than gold in some sense. With only 500 grams of pure gold scattered, the action earned free media exposure worth of 500,000 grams of gold, which included over 500 articles were reported by domestic and foreign media, with a total page view of more than 600 million. It also generated 2.5 million discussion and over 40 millions likes on social media. More than half of the people participated in the discussion believed this idea was effective in preventing food waste. This case was also included in Chinese high school essay topics, which will inspire more younger Chinese to participate in food conversation. For the first time, countless Chinese has recognized ‘World Food Day’. https://adfest.by/storage/app/uploads/public/624/555/5b7/6245555b7bf97429376571.pdf