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four paws


fireworks are a new year’s tradition which is beautiful to us, but terrifying to pets, as well as feral and wild animals, causing them to react in panic, sometimes getting injured, lost, or worse. we wanted to bring focus to a problem many remain ignorant to. this becomes a daily occurance in the month of december, reaching a peak on the night of the 31st. so, in the weeks before new year’s eve we decided to let people know the consequences that come with setting off firecrackers and fireworks. we kicked off the campaign with a single unsponsored post on facebook. to convey the image of fireworks as a source of fear and discomfort, we visualized the bright clouds as a monster looming over the city. the sparks and smoke are a scary enough place to begin, but a harder look at the image reveals the monster hidden within them. this is contrasted by a helpless dog, hunched over in the dark where most people wouldn’t normally see it. using saturated colors and dimensions we brought it forward in people’s minds, where the image will hopefully stick.