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The exhibition and art project by Dmitry Sirotkin


ULTIMUM ASTRUM* (Latin – the farthest star) is an art project that consists of photographs, assemblages, and video installations and highlights the work of Russian artist Dmitry Sirotkin. To promote and present the project to art collectors and the wider audience, we have created a visual style for promo materials, designed an exhibition catalogue, merch, and other media. The exhibition focuses on the theme of space and coincides with the 60th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. Sirotkin’s work explores human genesis, juvenile protest, searches of true self, aspiration of the human being and mankind towards new, distant, and unexplored – towards stars. The concept is based on the font composition of the project title in Neue Machina. One of the art pieces is used as a centerpiece of the design, a neat typography helps to demonstrate the author’s artwork and its rebellious spirit. We have used an asymmetrical layout design built on a flexible six-column grid to emphasize the composition dynamics. It makes the design visible and distinctive both in the urban setting and digital media. Art project was successfully promoted in the media (with an estimated outreach of 200 000+ views) and presented to the exhibition visitors and art collectors - the artist's works went to private and museum international collection . The catalogue was published for distribution through selected art bookstores, all of merch items were sold out during the event.