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Burek Olimpija is a legendary burek bakery in Ljubljana (fast food). They base their strategy of communication mainly on clever responses to attention-grabbing events. Uninvited attendance at the Michelin star awards with a special burek delivery into the hands of the best Slovenian chefs right after the prestigious ceremony. Burek is a dish from the Balkans, popular among people who know how to enjoy the city's nightlife. As a representative of local fast food, burek is usually not present at the Michelin Star ceremonies. Consequentially, the surprise was enormous when Olimpija Burek appeared in the hands of the best Slovenian culinary chefs at the Michelin Star event in Slovenia. Right after they got their Michelin Stars, the chefs received Olimpija Burek packages with the message: “You are in charge during the day, but we are in charge during the night.” The result of this simple gesture was outstanding – when everyone was talking about the best Slovenian chefs, the best Slovenian chefs were talking about Olimpija Burek. The cost of the project? 28 bureks. 3200 % increased average engagement on social media. 1200 % increased average reach on social media. Over 200,000 Slovenian social media users reached (10 % of the Slovenian population)