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NLB recently presented a new communication territory of "opportunities", which also served as a strategic starting point for the design of this year's New Year's advertising campaign. It features an emotional TV ad that focuses on caring for one's fellow man, and is rounded off by a reinterpretation of the world-famous music hit True Colors. "We are at home here. Our families, friends, colleagues, neighbors are here. Here we breathe with full lungs, create, experience ups and downs, weave bonds. And we want to take care of our home to the best of our ability, thus creating opportunities for a better world. The elderly and children are the two most vulnerable groups in society and our inspiration is that good returns with good. That's why we supported charities in all our markets in SE Europe with donations this year as well during the holiday season," says Andrej Krajner, Director of Communications at NLB Group. In Slovenia, 200,000 euros were distributed between the Fund for Gifted Children of the Sponsorship Program and the Humanitarček Society, which strives for a dignified life for the elderly. With these funds, 200 talented children living below the poverty line will be helped to continue developing their talent in the coming year, and on the other hand, they will provide 21,000 hot meals for the elderly. "No matter how extraordinary a talent is, it needs support and support, sometimes even encouragement. And precisely the heart, the encouragement of the talented in innovation and creativity, and the lifelong search for new opportunities are the heart of the story of our television advertisement," adds Krajner. As befits a true regional campaign, teams from Ljubljana, Belgrade and Skopje participated in its design, and the ad was filmed in Ljubljana with the regional team. "With the campaign, we want to remind everyone that our world would be much more beautiful and colorful if we stood by each other's side and helped each other more often. And the new year is a great opportunity for us to follow the empathetic heart of the girl and the gratitude of the gentleman from the ad," conclude the designers of the advertising campaign.