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Real Street Style

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We found out that street style was a relevant topic for Gen Z that also had a lot to do with sports, because they don’t only use sports items to practice sports, they also wear them as fashionable items. So we looked for something very ownable that we could say about it and we came up with the idea to dive into our data and find out what the most sold items were, street by street. We went through the Mercado Libre database to select the most sold sports items in the fashion category during the last 3 months in 17 of the most important cities in Latin America. Then we crossed that information with the delivery addresses, and created the real street style collection. A 3D collection of the most sold items in every specific street, all worn by a very special character: the non binary location pin. People could navigate the different looks through Google Maps, depending on the place they pinned the pin, the look changed and they could click on it to get redirected to Mercado Libre’s e-commerce platform and buy the items.