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Language Buff

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English language school


English at Skillbox (ex-KESPA) is an innovative language school that offers a unique method of learning English. It is based on articulatory memory — students memorize basic phrases that get stored in muscle memory and help build new sentences. But how do we talk about it in a native way? And how do we show its effectiveness? Gamers are a large audience in Russia. But they don't speak English at the level necessary to be effective teammates. In addition, there is a stereotype that Russian gamers are aggressive. Language buff — the first in-game language course. With a small budget and no media promotion, we focused on the only, but the most relevant and native channel: we offered popular Twitch streamers to take a few lessons in their favorite game, together with the KESPA teacher in the discord voice chat. When the streamer wanted to say something to his English-speaking teammate, the teacher translated the phrase, the gamer repeated it, and during breaks they discussed mistakes. After the campaign, we launched special in-game classes so that anyone could try to learn English by playing their favorite game. Media budget — 0 RUB (excluding the cost of attracting streamers). Reach — 1,500,000. The gaming course was sold out.