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Limited collection of Haute Couture cosmetics


In 2021 Vivienne Sabó released a limited collection of Haute Couture cosmetics inspired by high fashion. The brand turned into a fashion house for a while, and the products of the new collection were decorated with fashion illustrations. Vivienne Sabó is used to pushing boundaries, making communication with meaning and trying technologies among the first. According to the laws of high fashion, the premiere of the Haute Couture collection definitely required a bright, out-of-bounds appearance on the advertising catwalk. And we decided to move away from the traditional approach again. This time we went even further – and went beyond the category! We decided to create a cross-category project of fashion and technology, and support it not with typical communication – but to complement Haute Couture makeup with a collection of virtual clothes. In fashion, there is a clear trend on digitalization, AR and virtual clothing. This trend has already formed quite clearly to enter the mainstream. But at the same time, not a single brand on the Russian market has activated it on a large scale and massively. Together with a leading 3D clothing designer, we have created 4 virtual dresses that cannot be sewn in the real world. Each of them is the embodiment of one of the palettes of the collection. As a rule, virtual clothing is created for only a few dozen users selected as part of the campaign. It is adjusted to the user's photo manually. Therefore, fitting takes time and is limited in the number of copies. We decided to go further and make virtual clothing accessible to everyone. A neural network has become our virtual couturier. For a long time, it learned to put dresses on people of different heights, parameters and in different poses. We shot a series of fashion shows of models in virtual dresses with makeup backstages, and showed the created videos on Instagram and on the Ozon landing page. They invited the girls to try on dresses from the collection themselves. As a result, thousands of girls were able to touch the world of high fashion by easily trying on our dresses on a special landing page. To create a newsbreak around our collection, we took part in the virtual fashion week in Dubai. There was a virtual show of the collection, and dresses could be purchased in the NFT format