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Informing about the problems of people with psycho-neurological diseases who are in boarding schools of a closed type


18,000 people with special needs live in closed psycho-neurological boarding schools in Belarus. There they are practically unable to interact with society. This makes their problems invisible to us. The charity organization “EST DELO” works in boarding schools across the country. The organization sees it as a key task to tell people that the problem exists. But how to inform people with a minimal budget and so that people do not deny the problem, but receive information and get involved? The main goal is to inform people with a minimal budget and so that people do not deny the problem, but receive information and get involved We found a solution in the favorite activity of the guys with volunteers: as a therapy, they make lollipops. This activity develops motor skills and it is also emotional and tasty! We have turned rehabilitation activity into an independent product that can attract attention and tell the world about their problems. Volunteers and pupils created a set of 6 unusual candy flavors, and we created packaging with real facts about these tastes. For example, Coffee Flavored Bitter Truth contains hard facts about the real state of things, and Explosive Victories with explosive caramel about what we were able to achieve together. We treated people with these candies for free as part of a promo. A person could choose the taste he liked and learn the relevant facts. Influencers also received candy sets. In their social networks, they shared information about the project and facts from the life of the pupils. All the bloggers who received the kits, with a total of 860,000 subscribers, created stories with information about the problem. Organic reach of stories amounted to more than 100,000 views with almost zero budget. The social networks of the volunteer organization immediately increased the number of subscribers, plus they received messages with specific offers of help. The audience liked the product so much that their reactions helped to launch permanent production of sweets, as a form of assistance to pupils. And most importantly - all this helped to make a completely inconspicuous topic - Noticeable.