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LG Service – The Most Reliable Tutorial

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LG Service


Situation LG Service is official repair service for LG appliances, which provides work of trained masters, original spare parts and guaranteed warranty. However, LG goods owners prefer to fix problems by themselves by googling and watching DIY Youtube tutorials. The problem is that while untrained owners try to repeat tutorials and repair damage themselves, they are not fixing anything. As a result, they’re damaging appliance more and waste their time and money. Paradoxically, even though DIY Youtube tutorials are not helping, they continue to be very popular. Task To convince people to immediately contact LG official service and to stop fixing problems on their own Solution We mimicked so-beloved DIY tutorials and made our own, starring a funny repairer, made them reliable and truly helpful. Just in 6 seconds he fixes appliances using the official LG Service and chills for the remaining time. To compete and beat very popular DIY tutorials, we placed 6 second bumpers into the most popular tutorials about the most common breakdowns and made users watch our instructions instead of someone else’s. Moreover, in order to be seen in search requests, we named our full-version videos in classic style of the most popular DIY Youtube tutorials.