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Make AI-Generated Art, Not Human-Generated War

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The war in Ukraine has been raging for months now, leaving millions displaced and in need of urgent humanitarian aid. For blockchain charity Truhoma we used AI-generated art in a mission to help Ukrainian civilians through 100% transparent donations. We used real news headlines about the ongoing war in Ukraine and applied them in a popular text-to-image AI tool Craiyon. The result is a series of surreal AI-generated images which are hard to distinguish from reality. The message is that unlike AI-generated images, the war in Ukraine is real & is still being “generated” by humans while millions of Ukrainian civilians are still in need of help. In 2022, text-to-image AI art became a big trend worldwide. People are using a number of artificial intelligence tools and algorithms to create digital artworks and share them on social media. While donations to Ukraine were on the decline 6 months into the war, we have decided to use AI art, a powerful creative tool, to attract public attention to Truhoma’s mission. A series of digital posters were created to show that such images should only be generated by AI, not at the hands of humans. The campaign expanded with dozens of global AI artists joining the campaign and creating their anti-war tributes. In a matter of days, 100+ original AI artworks were generated and shared on social under #AIartNotHumanWar hashtag. In 2022 thanks to Truhoma’s efforts over 1500 packages of food & other necessities were delivered to Ukrainian families who were mostly in need of aid.