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setting this July was election season in Bulgaria. and it was a big one. Bulgarian history was to be forged with ballots this 11.07, which is why voter turnout was more important than ever. problem many people have found their reasons to stay on the fence of voting. young people especially, have developed an apathy to forfeiting their vote in elections. insight not choosing is also a choice — the choice to let someone else choose for you. idea we used Skapto’s main medium — the burger — to remind people of what it feels like to choose not choosing. the new “I can’t choose” burger option in their menu put the unwanted randomness of a parliament you did not vote for, on a plate. stunts through Skapto’s delivery system and at Bilkova bar met influencers, the media and other unsuspecting people upclose with a burger that they did not choose or order. each delivery was complemented by a manifesto urging them to #choosetovote — a message they gladly presented to their audiences.