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Cowine Test

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Pipndrop Wine Bar


Quarantine restrictions caused irreparable damage to HoReCa in 2020-2021. Bars and cafes were closing one after another, this is when we created the Cowine Test, the first enjoyable COVID-19 tester from Pipndrop Wine Bar. Four different little bottles filled with outstanding flavors allow the taste and smell perception to activate instantly: Smell the blackberry notes? Congratulations, you're fine! The test kits appeared in several variations of contents so people could taste different selections from Pipndrop's sommeliers during the quarantine. You could order the test kits at the website of the locked-down bar. Leading restaurant critics, lifestyle media journalists and bloggers passed the test and spread the word. Within the three months of lockdown, nearly half a million testers were sold out. The bar continued to sell wine and make fame and profit, even though it was still closed.