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Tourist Brand Identity for the city of Kungur

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Tourist Brand of Kungur city


In 2022 the city of Kungur (Perm Region) celebrated it’s 359 years. The new tourist brand identity for the city was developed on this occasion. The design team together with the engaged citizens and local tourism department was creating the updated image of the city for three months. The new concept includes a logo referring to the graphics of the well-known stele, which is located at the city entrance; original customized font, specially designed for the city of Kungur, named after the river Iren, on which the city stands; patterned visual identity elements, icons of recognizable city images. The visual concept of the tourist brand identity of Kungur is based on a variety of images, because we wanted to maximize the diversity of the city, it’s historical significance and peaceful coziness. The goal was to create such an image of the city, which would attract potential tourists, so that they would have a desire to walk through it’s beautiful streets, see the merchant architecture and the nature of the Urals. The new tourist brand identity of Kungur was received positively by the citizens and municipal district Administration.