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TELUS International Bulgaria


According to a recent research by Bluepoint, over 50% of job applicants still encounter some sort of prejudice during an interview. Moreover, people who experience that first-hand often get low-key disheartened and refuse to even consider applying for certain jobs. Telus International is trying to change that. For them, both inclusion and diversity are values of paramount importance. A point that Telus wanted to make clear to all its potential employees. insight + idea Welcome to 2021. These are times in which your IG profile and handle tells basically everything about you that is to be told. So, we went for a collaborative stunt and changed the handles of some celebrities with the prejudice that they encounter day in and day out. Because the very same prejudices they encounter are those same odds they had to defy in order to be where they are today. So, what more inspirational than having a little fun with them? The ‘Unsee Prejudice’ campaign generated a total of — 6 million impressions and 34 thousand clicks. But even more importantly — it hammered home an important message about inclusion and the universal right of everyone to thrive and succeed.