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Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Identity

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Sverdlovsk Philharmonic


In 2021, Sverdlovsk philharmonic hall celebrated its 85-year anniversary. It’s one of Russia’s most significant cultural institutions. The festival year was marked with a series of music events and reforms. Adoption of a new brand style is one of them. As Alexandr Kolotursky, the Head of the philharmonic said, the old identity no longer reflected the values and goals the institution is pursuing at this stage of its development. The agency faced two challenging tasks. Firstly, we needed to develop an identity, which would give the philharmonic a distinctive visual image to highlight it among the best music halls of the planet. Secondly, it was crucial for the new brand style to unite two buildings within the architectural ensemble of the philharmonic — the classic one and the new building that is being constructed by Zaha Hadid Architects bureau. The new identity is in tune with both the iconic architecture and classic music. Font typeface the logo is based upon resonates with the silhouette of new building. Basic colours — black and white, just like notes written on paper — can be easily accompanied by other content-driven colours. The new brand style is dynamic and flexible. It adapts to all digital platforms and channels, and that corresponds well with the philharmonic’s plans to develop their digital image.