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Rolton Stereotypes: Margo

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Rolton Pasta


Background: Rollton – is the Legendary INSTANT noodles in Kazakhstan! For more than two decades millions of families across country cook Rollton. Problem: Rollton range includes NOT only instant noodles, but excellent pasta as well! But the habit of perceiving Rollton only as instant noodles does not allow people to take pasta seriously. Audience is full of stereotypes that Rollton pasta is the same quality as instant noodles. Solution: To show people how ridiculous it is to think that prejudices about Rollton are true. To cook Rollton pasta like Rollton instant noodles and show what will happen. Spoiler - nothing. Results: The first advertisement of the brand, which in a humorous manner fights not with external competitors, but with itself. We freshened up the tone of the brand by making boring and inconspicuous pasta the topic for online sharing. Video case: https://vimeo.com/748679800