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Beer Ballet

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A crowdfunding campaign for new experimental ballet


After the COVID-19 pandemic outburst, the Ural Opera Ballet needed money to carry out the concept of their new experimental ballet. The Humpbacked Horse is a classical performance modernized with a sprinkle of local vibe, gopniks* and rappers. They launched a crowdfunding campaign, which brought in only ballet enthusiasts. But it collected just $2K. A new audience required new approaches. Together with Jaws, the region’s most popular brewery, we released Humpbacked Horse brand beer. A part of the profit was donated to the theatre. The crowdfunding campaign got rolling. In 2 months $80K were collected. The ballet premiere took place in July 2021 and was a success. All tickets sold out for the whole season. *Gopniks are a local subcultural phenomenon, the youth of the industrial working class.