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Bedtime stories from Metalloinvest: how a mining and metallurgy company and a creative agency solved the problem of parents' night shifts

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Special project with fairy tales for children


Night shifts are a common story in the manufacturing industry. Parents often do not get back home until their child falls asleep, they have no opportunity to say "Good night" and read a book to their kid for a better sleep. Together with Metalloinvest, we wanted to show that it is possible to show love and affection without physical presence. To surround children with care and establish their connection with their parents, we came up with Bedtime Fairytales. So, especially for the employees of the company, we created five original tales, each of them telling about their mom’s or dad’s work. Parents who miss reading to their children at night due to the night shift can send a fairytale to their child. For "Bedtime Fairytales" we found writers, voice actors and created a colorful landing page with original illustrations. We searched for authors on social networks. All of them are self-taught writers, who could relate to the idea of ​​the project. We were searching not only among professional writers: for example, one of the authors was a stand-up comedian from Chelyabinsk, who wrote a fairytale which reminded of Korney Chukovsky. A few more tales were written by an employee of the enterprise — she has been writing stories for children as a hobby for many years. The specifics of the company required additional immersion of the authors — we introduced the writers to the activities of employees. For recording, we were looking for suitable speakers. A beautiful voice is not enough — it needs to match the tone of the story and immerse the child in a dream. The landing page itself was based on the idea of ​​simplicity — the interface should be simple, so that children can use it on their own. We made the page in-house, as well as illustrations — each cover for a fairy tale is unique, referring to the plot of the story. The landing page is already being sent out through Metalloinvest's internal channels; it has been uploaded to the company's Telegram bot. It is also planned to launch outdoor advertising so that families with a similar lifestyle from other companies can become closer too. Fairytales are no substitute for a warm hug. We hope that the tradition of listening to bedtime stories will soon help children and parents understand each other better.