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Advertised product

"Burger King"


Burger King Russia has launched an integrated advertising campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccination – Nothingwhopper, a whopper with a taste of nothing. The aim was to come up with a wow campaign that could convey to the public the idea of the importance of vaccination, which is extremely unpopular among Russians. Since the main symptom of the coronavirus is taste loss, Burger King sacrificed the main - taste of the whopper. For one day, the coronavirus "hacked" the Burger King website and stole the taste of all whoppers. To do this, we replaced all the burgers on the menu with empty buns - burgers without filling. Then we changed the logos in all brand SM-communities and through posts and OLV announced a new product: the Nothingwhopper. After all, this is exactly how it tastes with coronavirus. In response to the buzz in the comments and questions on how to get Nothingwhopper, we released a stories-instruction: do not get vaccinated - and it will be yours! All SM posts had a link to the COVID-19 Information Center. We also floated the taste of whopper along the Moscow River... For a week, a non-standard mobile billboard was launched on the ship with the video of the disappearance of the filling from the Burger King whopper. In the Burger King restaurants, we have stolen the taste of whopper right from under the noses of our customers. Instead of filling, people found only a couple of empty buns with a message from the coronavirus and a reminder of vaccinations. In total, we handed out about 7,000 Nothingwhoppers in restaurants. At the checkout, the Levitating Whopper was waiting for visitors - an installation of Nothingwhopper with a bun floating in the air. It not only attracted attention but also through the QR code led to the vaccination map points from Yandex to make an appointment for vaccination.