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Xiaomi - It's all about love

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All range of focus products – from electric scooters to robot vacuum cleaners with emphasis on the brand new flagship Xiaomi 11T smartphone range


As part of Xiaomi brand building campaign implementation, a task was to create a video that would highlight a whole range of brand’s focus products seamlessly – from electric scooters to robot vacuum cleaners (with emphasis on the new Xiaomi 11T flagship smartphone), as well as to form the image of the brand as a lovemark among consumers. The task to combine this many products in one creative video piece transformed into the idea that the products from the Xiaomi ‘multiverse’ are able to transmit love between people at all levels. A non-linear storyline with 7 different portrayals of love is revealed through different Xiaomi products – a physician, remotely dimming the lights in the room where his mom fell asleep; a granddaughter printing a photo on a portable printer for her grandfather to include in a family photo album; or a young man, riding an electric scooter to meet his girlfriend – love through spaces, distances, and electric signals. To strengthen the connection between the video and the brand, a special song has been selected, in which, ironically, the brand tag has been integrated 19 years prior to the video shooting. Each line in Mumiy Troll’s “It’s all about love” track rhymes with the syllable Mi, which is also the official shortened Xiaomi brand name. And each video scene follows the lyrics line by line. In this way, we managed to turn an iconic song into the brand’s anthem without changing a single word in its lyrics. Different shades of love are shown through characters with diverse as well as through various situations of product use. At the same time, in order to best convey the positive attitude towards brand's products in the frame, Mi Community (an official community of Xiaomi users & fans) participated in the casting that resulted in one fan landing a role in an OLV (customer in the store). In just 3 months while the video was posted it has gathered more than 3,800,000 views with a high average duration – 83% of the video timing (which is 1:20 min out of the overall duration of 1:36 min). Based on the warm feedback from the viewers after the launch of this video, Xiaomi has decided to use the name of the title track – “It’s all about love” – as a slogan in its future promo campaigns, as well as to broadcast the video on digital screens at points of sale. After watching the video, the key message becomes clear to everyone – Xiaomi devices are not just pure tech gadgets, it’s an opportunity to show and share your feelings – from a touching love preserved over the years to caring about your loved one at a distance of just a few meters.