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100 years ago the cultural heritage of the Higher Artistic and Technical Studios (VKhUTEMAS, aka “Soviet Bauhaus”), laid the foundation for design in Russia. It includes many innovations in architecture, typography, graphic and industrial design. But for its revolutionary ideas promoting freedom of creative expression, VKhUTEMAS’ legacy was banned and abandoned in the country for many decades. To revive the original spirit and excellence of VKhUTEMAS we created a large-scale educational project VKHUTEMAS.ACADEMY - online workshops, repackaging the vast heritage of the Soviet workshops through new media formats. The way they would look today - in the era of webinars, explainer videos, masterclasses, and digital media. Website design is inspired by the Russian avant-garde (a special font was designed by famous graphic artist Peter Bankov). The online academy offers a unique user experience by presenting original educational courses from 100 years ago in easy-to-learn digital formats. Such as AI "deepfake" masterclass by professor Rodchenko himself. Such as explainer videos with original illustrations, interactive design tasks, long-reads, fact-cards, digitized archives & more. https://vkhutemas.academy/