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Educational film about food «Friday-Yummday»

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Culinary projects of the TV channel «Friday!»


Food is a unifying factor for people, which allows them to identify each other and unite in social groups. Food is one of the main people’s values today. We showed the importance of food for everyone and pointed out the differences in preferences and style of eating at the same time: who are you? A vegetarian or a meat eater? An haute cuisine connoisseur or a homemade food lover? This video is stylized as a Soviet educational TV program with an ironic tone and a slight touch of retro. Special attention was paid to the combination of voiceover and metaphorical mise-en-scene with emphasized pauses. Camerawork in the video is characterized by clear and sharp movements. In many frames, the fourth wall between the actors and the audience is broken that involves the viewers into the plot.