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When you tell a story about a strong drink like gin, you need to make it one that will stop the customer in front of the shelf and inspire them to choose your brand. With the packaging of Broom gin, we told the story of the painstaking creation of a drink based on the “handcrafted” principle - maximum attention to every detail. Just as the craftsmen meticulously chose the ingredients to create Broom's unique flavor, so the artist has carefully shaded the mysterious garden, the plants in which symbolically match the gin ingredients. The resulting work of art - a unique engraving - became the Broom label, which captures the moment the raven handed over the key to the book of alchemical mysteries to the wanderer. According to a legend, in this book, the alchemists kept the cherished recipe which the wanderer would later learn and then share with the whole world through Broom. It is no coincidence that the main elements on the label are highlighted with copper - this is a reference to the craft tradition of manual labor, which is the center of Broom's history of origin. To support the idea of handcraft, we also made the surface of the bottle «crumpled», uneven - as if each bottle was crafted by hand individually for the client. Our craft approach to Broom design makes you want to know the plot of the engraving and literally taste it.