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The Craziest Test Drive

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Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV


Our target audience is mostly men under 35, interested in innovations and technologies but they are not techno-geeks. They are not much into technical details and prefer to find out about technologies in a simple, entertaining way. So, being active Youtube users, they mostly prefer entertainment content rather than serious tech-content. Thus, the solution for the campaign was to deliver the highly innovative features of Samsung Neo QLED 8K not in the classic way of tech bloggers’ reviews but in the involving and entertaining manner. We involved in campaign not a classic tech blogger, but a popular auto blogger - Dima Gordey. He used a Samsung Neo QLED 8K instead of a car windshield and tested it on an unlit snow-covered race track, receiving an image through an additionally installed camera. In fact, the driver saw the track through the TV.