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Interactive Museum of Sharaf Rashidov

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Activities of the Sharaf Rashidov International Fund


The Sharaf Rashidov International Foundation preserves and studies the history of his life. It conducts educational and scientific events. In order to tell about its activities and expand communication to a young audience, the foundation decided to create a virtual museum. The museum exists only in digital; there is no similar building offline. The architecture of the museum combines two styles — modernist and traditional oriental. Laconic forms and strict linear proportions are about modernity, and the traditional ornamentation is a reference to cultural traditions. The main hall and rooms, the facade of the museum and 3D models of the exhibition stands were made with the help of WebGL technology. Each 3D model is created from a real artifact from the life of Sharaf Rashidov. The design concept and technologies reflect the Foundation’s objective: to preserve the experience of the past and shape the new. Such comprehension and presentation allows us to speak the same language with different generations and opens up new opportunities for studying the significant moments of history.