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There Is No Torture In Russia

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The Committee Against Torture Russia


The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation still does not have a separate article on torture. And if there is no such article, there is no official recognition of the problem, there is no way to keep accurate statistics and explore the scale of the problem. The Committee Against Torture, together with Vladi Kasta, released a video with real victims of torture. The idea of ​​the video is to show that Russian legislation still does not have a separate article on torture, but there are thousands of victims. Their cases are usually hushed up or not investigated at all. With the help of artistic images, we showed how law enforcement officers mask violence and hide torture behind a picture of well-being. Behind each image in the clip are stories of real victims. To make people even more aware of the problem, we made a single special project “The Act that Does Not Exist” and posted invisible publications with a clip on the media and social networks. At first glance, these are just blank pages, but it is enough to highlight the text and the problem becomes visible. We used a simple trick to dramatize the main idea that in Russian goverment has opinion that torture does not exist, but in reality, real victims are simply used to not being noticed. And the law still does not have a separate article on torture. Project results: 559 donations in the amount of 357 thousand rubles per week 320 new subscriptions for donations in the amount of 160 thousand rubles Increase in the number of subscribers in the social networks of the Committee against Torture by 7000, growth in coverage, reposts 110+ articles at the media with the "The Act that Does Not Exist" words 8500+ social media mentions 1,300,000+ video views at the different platforms 100 million+ total project coverage